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Monday, February 27, 2012

Nosy Parker Time Again

Kat at Diary of a FlutterKat has posted a new set of Nosy Parker questions.  I'm happy to answer them.

Diary of a Flutter.Kat

1)  What are your preferred crafts? Do you have one primary one that you do most of or do you dabble around in many different crafts?
I have done several crafts - knit, crochet, embroidery, cross stitch, petit point, ceramics - but sewing (especially quilting) is what I love. 

2)  What avenues inspire you most in your sewing/crafting that we might like to check out?
e.g. what are your favourite books or websites or shops to visit etc... that we *must* know about ;)
I'm most inspired by quilting podcasts.  Tell you the truth, the reason I first bought an Ipod wasn't for music - it was because I heard that Alex Anderson had started a podcast.  I didn't even know, really, what a podcast was at that point, and couldn't imagine how a visual art like quilting could translate into an audio format, but I missed Alex after Simply Quilts was cancelled, and decided to give it a shot.  After listening to the two or three that she had recorded at that time, I went looking on ITunes and discovered Annie Smith.  By the time I got caught up on Annie's episodes, I was hooked! 
Luckily, now, there are several great podcasts.  Listening to them is like having a friend with me talking about our shared interest.

3) Are you a one project at a time person or do you have "craft ADD" - OR are you somehow like me and have a combination of both?
You know, I should know better.  I'm a one project at a time person, but I have to be disciplined - and I haven't been with my quilting.  I've currently got, oh, maybe 20 unfinished projects.  That's bad.  Having these UFO's make me feel scattered.  I HAVE to get them under control, so that I can go back to working on just one project at a time.

4)  What is/has been your longest ever Work in Progress (WIP)?
I've got several Saturday Sampler projects for which I've completed all the blocks, but have not put them together.  I think the oldest is 6 years old.  The strange thing is that I love the blocks - there is no reason not to complete them!

5 ) What are some of your crafty projects that you've made recently (or not so recently is ok to) that you'd love us to see?
This is a trio of little paper piecing projects.  The two cone flowers were from a kit.  I found the leaf in Quilters Newsletter and it seemed to fit.

6) Do you have a piece of fabric or craft item of any sort with a story behind it that you'd like to share briefly?
I do, but I am going to need to take some more pictures to tell the story, so I'll do it in a separate post.

Thanks, Kat!

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