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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Bit of Time Away

I haven't been doing a huge amount of quilting in the last couple weeks.  I did travel up to Edmonton for a few days to visit my Mom, and celebrate her 80th birthday.

The lucky lady had at least 4 birthday parties.  I guess when you're 80, you want to celebrate!   This was the third.  I notice now that her cake is sitting on a placemat that I made for her awhile ago.

No, I didn't make her a quilt for her 80th birthday.  Bad daughter!  I do like making her things - she has sewn and crafted all of her life, so she appreciates and truly enjoys handmade gifts.  But I did make her up a basket of fun food - crackers, cheese, chocolate, etc.  She lives in a senior's apartment complex now, so likes to have things like that when she has her friends over.

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