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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Another Freebie Fifteen Finish

Actually, I finished this one a couple weeks ago, as it was due March 15th.

As you may recall, this is the block of the month program from Traditional Pastimes.  It is called Sea and Sand Glass and the colours are really muted - soft blues, greens, pinks and browns.  This photo looks like it's black and white, but the fabric is actually two shades of white and a sandy grey.  I changed the pattern a bit - they didn't have the diamond shape in the centre, but I liked the symmetry.

It's usually an adventure getting to the shop for this block.  This BOM program is like the "Saturday Sampler" programs that many quilt shops run - where you have to come in on a specific day to get the next block free.  The one difference is that it's on the fifteenth of the month.  If you check the calendar for 2012, you'll notice that the fifteenth falls on a Saturday only twice.  (It falls on Sunday a few times, but the shop is closed, so they move it to the Monday.)  I work until 4:30.  The shop is open to 5:00 during the week.  Usually, I don't leave work at 4:30 - but on the fifteenth, I have to remember to do that - then it's a mad rush to get to the shop just before closing time!  Sometimes I can do the mad rush on my lunch break, but often I don't have enough time then to make the trip.

I don't quite understand it.  With Saturday Samplers,there are two advantages for the shop owner.  One is that they get to promote their products for a few minutes.  The second is that people use the opportunity to browse and shop.  With this one, I rush in, breathless, grab my new block and rush out so that I can go home and make supper!  And there are usually other people doing the same thing.

For me, the mad rush is worth it.  I'm drawn to these kinds of BOM's as I love the idea of it being free.

I haven't even looked at this months' block yet.  And, then there are the companion blocks - I haven't done last months' companion block yet either!  Yikes!  I'd better get on those!

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