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Why We Quilt

In August of 2012, I participated in the Quilters Gallery Blog Hop.  I asked people to comment and tell me why they quilt.  I received an amazing number of thoughtful, interesting - sometimes funny and sometimes touching comments!

Rather than just have them disappear into "previous posts" that never get looked at, I have listed them all here.  I've removed identifying information from the commenters, leaving only the first name or nickname.  I've edited only to remove the contest specific comments, and to correct spelling (cause I'm anal that way!)

Thanks to everyone for giving me some great insight into your minds.

Linda    Great question. I quilt because it is who I am. It is my creative outlet and holds so much joy for me.

Photos by Wilma   I started quilting because my sister and mother-in-law love to quilt. I have only been quilting a few years, but it is so relaxing and therapeutic.

Michelle   I quilt because it calms me down and I love working with my hands. My day job is administration and is mostly mental work. I love to come home and just sew or prep to sew. It always brings me back to the present moment and is very relaxing.

Debra   I quilt because it relaxes me and I have something beautiful to show for it when I'm done!

Fenna   I sew because it's relaxing and I love seeing something come out of that sewing machine as something pretty and useful!

Heather   It is my creative outlet.  Well, actually it started because it was much better than continuing to take anti-depressants. I also have far too many ufo's but that will give me lots to do without having to go shopping except for backing, binding, batting, borders... (anything else with b?)

Laura   I quilt because it relaxes me and I love being able to express myself creatively through the fabrics!

Cheryl   My mom introduced me to quilting about 10 years ago and I like sharing a hobby with her.

Amys Crafty Shenanigans   I quilt because I need a creative outlet, and an absorbing distraction. I love crafts and sewing and all the possibilities there are using a piece of fabric!! It is addictive and I challenge myself to learn new things so it is always new and fun and fresh.

Michell   I like to quilt as something to do in my very scarce spare time and to show off things

Gene   I quilt because it gives me a way to be creative. It lets me make art that is useful and beautiful. I quilt because I started and I can't stop.

Carrie   I quilt because it is the artist coming out. I love the fabric colors and putting them together. It is art.

Lynaeve   I have just started quilting. I love to do so because it’s just so fulfilling and I love looking at all the different pretty fabrics in one highly functional item.

sew.darn.quilt   I got the sewing bug from my Mom & Gramma, I started quilting more out of necessity than anything else. Our son was on his way and I needed a quilt for his crib, that was 10 years ago. I just love all aspects of quiltmaking from the feel of the fabric to sewing the label on as the finale. Now my kids come to me with their ideas of what they want for their next quilt design.

TheMugglePuggle   I quilt because I love the feeling I get when I complete a project. I also really enjoy making quilts for others. It's such a great way to make something totally unique for someone that they can treasure forever :)

 Cath @ Bits ‘n Bobs   I quilt because I love the feel of cotton fabrics and I also love colours and love building patterns for quilts. Every quilt is a labour of love.

Cherilyn   I love everything about quilting from choosing the fabrics to stitching the binding on.

Connie    I quilt because I love to create things out of fabric, like you I have many UFO's and am making myself finish up some of between making new things!

My Sister Made Me Do It....   So many reasons; to create gifts, to release tension, to be with God, to enjoy exchanging ideas with friends, makes me happy.

Jonnie (JB)   I quilt because I love the end result.

Scrapbook-ChickADoodle   I am a new quilter. My sister talked me into trying, and I got hooked.

Ella   I quilt to get out some nervous energy. It's helping me not stress eat. (I'm down 10 lbs!)

Kelli   I quilt b/c I love to watch the whole thing come together, like a puzzle. It's so relaxing, and it feels great to do something creative.

Carla   I quilt because I love the creative process.

Pat    I quilt because I love the feeling of turning lengths of fabric into assorted blocks and patterns. It is the one area of my life where I truly feel creative.

Tanya   I quilt because it is something that both my husband and I can do together. You also have something to show when you are done.

Donna Joy   I quilt because it is exciting to cut fabric and create unique blocks to sew into amazing quilts.

Dee   I quilt for sanity.

Needled Mom   I quilt mostly for fun and as a release of creative energy.

Homemaker Honey (Deborah)   Quilting is relaxing - one reason!

Amy   It is one place I can do whatever I want and I love to see how it all finishes up!

Kimberly   I quilt because I enjoy it. For me, it's relaxing and fun and calming.

Jennie   I enjoy quilting because to me it's art and function, or form and function if you prefer. Who wouldn't want a beautiful handmade blanket to wrap up in on those cold days and nights! There's nothing better!

Samantha   I quilt for many reasons. Some quilts I make so we have something to cover up with! I believe in making lots of pretty but functional (utility) quilts that get used and used and eventually fall into tatters and can't be used anymore. Stress relief is another big one. The last reason I quilt is because sometimes someone deserves to have time spent making something special just for them.

Tubilinha   [Note from Colleen.  This post was in Portuguese, and I used a couple translators.  I hope it is accurate.]   My husband suffered an accident at work and I had to make some extra cash, I picked up some scraps and made into a cooking pad and then went to quilt and other parts. Thank God today I do for pleasure, but I still sell some parts, fabrics are expensive.

Second Chance Tan   I think I quilt as a form of therapy for me, so that I have something to show for my time and to immerse myself in creating things.

Leo   why I quilt ... because I can play with colours and textures and if I'm not happy with it I can make someone very happy by turning it into a gift.

Captain StitchyPants   I started quilting a few months ago. I was sick and stuck at home, very bored. I needed something creative to do, and too much knitting was hurting my hands! So I dusted off my sewing machine and decided to make a quilt. Well now I'm mostly recovered and back to work, and I have an addictive new hobby to boot!

Cookie   I quilt because it keeps me sane. ‘I’m hooked on the needle so to speak. It’s the best thing that happened to me.

Anita    I quilt because it's relaxing and beautiful.

Gwen   I quilt because it is so rewarding to produce something pretty and useful with my hands-- gives me a great sense of pride...

Aliza   I started quilting because I want to know how to make a memory quilt with photos.  Now I love it

Miss Beau Jangles   I quilt to help me relax as I have a stressful job as a teacher.

Theresa   I hand applique mostly cause for me hand sewing is relaxing.

Fiesta    I love creating and quilting and gardening are my best forms of expressing it.

Teresa in Music City   I quilt because I absolutely love to play with fabric :*) My grandmother taught me to sew when I was a young girl, and when I was in my early 30's I learned to quilt. Through quilting I have made many, many friends!

Mommarock    I quilt because it keeps my hands busy, it also gives me something creative to do, and will leave something of ME behind for future generations.

Martina   I love to quilt because it is such a creative thing and helps me to gain new energy for my daily life.

Joyce   My youngest sister started me quilting about 6 years ago. I hadn't realized I need something creative in my life & I quickly became addicted.

LethargicLass    I don't know if I have a reason to quilt, other than if I don't I might wither away lol... but I can tell you why I started to quilt... it helped me quit smoking :)

Cathy   I quilt because I have to. It is my creative outlet. My drawing and painting skills are sadly lacking, but with fabrics as my "paints" and all the various patterns as my "drawing" I can be as creative as I wish, with endless possibilities. Just like no 2 original paintings are the same, no 2 quilts are ever the same.

AlessandraLace   I quilt because I love hand crafts, fabrics and threads.

Steph   I quilt in order to feel like I really make something or do something productive - right now I'm stuck at a boring, paperwork-filled desk job where I never really feel like I accomplish anything - the bills I pay this month are all right back on my desk again next month! - but with quilting, I can spend time behind my machine and afterwards have something tangible to show for it!

Alison   I quilt as my stress reliever!

Leah   I quilt because it is a good way to express my creativity and is a good form of therapy for me. Nothing is more relaxing than sitting at the machine and making something that is useful.

Ginette   I quilt because I love fabric and creating things. It is how I relax and stay sane. I grew up watching my grandmother and mother creating and making things with fabric and wool. Now the 3 of us enjoy quilting together.

Hueisei   I love to quilt because I enjoyed making blocks.

Lori   I just love to sew.

Joyce   I love to sew anything and everything so quilting is just another way to get to do something that I like. It is very relaxing and fun. Making blocks and putting them together can create something that is so beautiful it takes my breath away just looking at it.

Bouts Choisis   I love to make quilts - patchwork is so relaxing and I get to use beautiful fabric. Better than watching TV any day...!

Aliza    The reason I started quilting was because of the movie - Stepmom - I just love Anna's quilt in the movie.

Robert   I quilt because it's relaxing - love doing Dresden's, log cabins, and hand piecing a grandmother's flower garden.

Barbara   I love to make quilts.

Sherill   Quilting calms me and touches my heart!

Betty   I quilt because fabric is still cheaper than therapy and way more fun!

Haley   I quilt because I love doing it; it makes me incredibly happy. From ironing to cutting to piecing to quilting, I love it all. And really anything that can make me love ironing is worth pursuing.

Mimi   I quilt because I need a creative outlet and I love to make gifts for family and friends... I am also seriously addicted to fabric!

Karen   I quilt because it is so relaxing. Even when it isn't. If you know what I mean. It really can be very meditative and good for the soul.

Bright Angel   I quilt for the joy it being to the family and friends and charity recipients I giveaway them to.

Lyn   I love to quilt because it is very soothing. (if all goes well) I enjoy all the friends in guild and on blogs.

Farm Quilter   I quilt because it gives me a creative outlet as well as allowing me to make beautiful (to me, at least!) things to gift to those I love.

Gill   I love quilting because I love making things and my hands always need to be busy!

Marcia   I quilt because it is great, fun, shared hobby with my mother. It also keeps my mind off worries.

Ytsmom   I quilt because it makes me feel good. I love all the pretty fabrics.

MaryBeth   There is just something about sewing pieces of fabric together into something beautiful that feeds my soul. Therefore, I quilt. I give most of my quilts away to people I love.

Little House on the Hill   I quilt for therapy, it has helped me recover many of my skills after Brain surgery.  I also love it, love it, love it.

Beth   I quilt for sanity! Truly time with my sewing machine and fabrics are the best therapy out there. I find that I have more peace, more energy and certainly more joy after even a brief quilting session and the bonus is that I bless people I love with beautiful quilts!

Lisa   I quilt as an outlet for my creativity. What little I have anyways.

Bonnie58   Definite stress reliever, except when I am fighting with my machine quilting on a queen size quilt, then not so much.

B. G.    I quilt as a creative outlet - I always need to be making something!!

Marjorie’s Busy Corner   I quilt because it's my passion; I just can't

BizyStitches   The reason I quilt is because I can be in my own little world and forget about all the problems we are having and it does relax me.

Richard    We had a baby girl this year and I started quilting to make her a quilt. My wife did not know how to quilt and told me to make my own if I wanted one so that is what I do.

Judy   I was a clothing sewer working in a quilt shop. All the beautiful cottons gave me the needed push.

Jmniffer   I quilt to keep my stress in check as we deal with my DH's health issues.

Lori    I quilt to see the joy in others.

Quiltn Mama   I quilt because homicide is frowned upon ;)

Gibberish   I quilt to make baby quilts for my nieces & nephews new babies. They make memorable keepsake gifts for them.

Winona   I started quilting 6 years ago when our youngest moved out. After having kids in the house for almost 30 years, suddenly I was all alone while dh worked. I needed something to keep me busy. I decided to make a quilt. I fell in love with quilting. I am a hand quilter. I hand quilt while watching TV during the evenings while dh is at work.

MC   When I moved out to AB, I decided it was time to learn to quilt like a good Prairie girl, and signed up for classes locally. I've been addicted ever since!

Fignie   I quilt to make other people happy - I LOVE to share what I make with my friends, and I find that giving them a homemade gift makes them smile and keeps them warm during our horrible long winters.

Rvquilter   I quilt! because I can work with Color!!!!

Angela   I quilt to relieve stress and to make something for those I care about.

Michelle   I like the satisfaction of creating something unique that I can give to someone I love. There's such a sense of accomplishment when I finish a quilt that sometimes I hate to part with them.

Renate   Why do I quilt? Hmmm I think it is because I love to fondle ... fabric that is. Nope it's because it brings out the artist in me. Nope, because it has expanded my social circle. Nope it's all of the above. and because I get to meet others on the internet highway that share the same interest, just like you.

Happy Cottage Quilter   I love to cut up the fabric and pieced it back together, like a big puzzle. But one of the biggest reasons I quilt is that it is Therapy for me :-)

Lisa   I quilt because I love a puzzle, and love to make/give gifts :)

Maxine   I quilt because it's a relaxing way to spend my time. I love being creative and productive.

Susan   I find quilting to be very therapeutic and love the entire process from start to finish!

Pia   Somehow it's a way of meditating

Lv2sew2011 (Donna)   Why I quilt? Well let’s see back in March of 2009 I fell off my Concrete Mixer Truck. (that’s right I was concrete mixer driver and loved it) and the pay wasn’t shabby at all. However when I took the fall I fell backwards unto asphalt road and put a goose egg on the side of my head the size of a softball, ended up having surgery on my arm, cracked 5 ribs, and the worst part left me with horrible back pain. I’ve worked hard my whole life and found myself in deep depression do not too able to have the life I use to have because of back pain. So in Feb of 2011 so fed up with TV and FB games, I decided I would see if I could quilt to keep from going stir crazy. Now sitting long periods of time makes my back hurt but I just keep trying to keep my mind off my pain. And found out that I could quilt and love every minute of it. Especially when it comes out right…LOL
And this is the reason I quilt!

Abbigail   I quilt because of the pretty things I can make. I quilt because of the friendships that I have made through it. I quilt because my grandma did and she inspired the love of quilting in me along with flower gardening. I quilt because I love it!

Joanne    I quilt for others (I'm a longarm machine quilter) to support my addiction of petting beautiful fabrics. When I get too much fabric, I have to cut it up and give it away so I can go and pet more, that I just have to bring home with me. Vicious circle....l!!!

Julie   I love seeing a quilt come together with the blocks.

Marit Johanne   I love to play with the fabrics and put them together. Sometimes I end up with some combinations of fabric and colors that are very different from what I had in mind when I started. It is like they have their own will :)

JanesQuilting   I love everything about quilting, I enjoy designing my own, finding the right fabrics and piecing them together. Then the art of quilting a design onto the quilt with thread.

Sowing Stitches   I quilt to satisfy the urge to create something....anything....everything. I like that quilts can be useful but don't have to be...

Barb   Quilting lets me indulge in my love of fabric. Sometimes I create my own pattern, sometimes it's someone else's design. Either way I get to enjoy all that yummy fabric.

Jeane   Quilting satisfies my love of sewing and creating beautiful handmade items.

Sh   I quilt because quilting gives me comfort much in the same way my quilts comfort other. I am quite into the 'modern' quilting also.

Jen   I quilt to save my sanity. It satisfies my love of creativity and math! I need all the sanity I can get as a working mom of a 3 year old expecting baby 2 in October!

Kathy   I quilt because it makes me happy to make something for some special person or for a charity.

Sheila   I have been sewing since a very young girl and around 2000 the quilt bug struck me and I have not looked back, it was and is the creative outlet I was looking for.

Emily   I quilt to relax and have fun. Sewing has always been a joy.

Leigh   I quilt while my husband watches NASCAR or Football and I don’t like sports! I really do it to relax, though.

Vicki   That's easy, I quilt for my sanity!

Painting 4 Him   I learned to quilt with a group of friends...friends that make me love it!

Cassandra   One reason I quilt - because I LOVE Asian fabrics! ;) I have not yet made a quilt from Asian fabrics because I'm afraid to cut into my pretty fabric! I've been practicing and improving on other quilts in hopes that I will develop enough confidence to take that first swipe with the rotary cutter. It's still such a scary thought. :) I've been quilting for two years and have only finished three quilts (yes, I am slow). Hopefully soon I'll be ready to dive into those pretty prints I've been collecting!

Kathy   I love to give them as gifts and I enjoy the satisfaction of pleasing my recipients. Just recently have I started doing it for ME.

Rockgranny   I quilt because it makes me happy to see how little pieces of fabrics turn into something big - quilt!

Jeneta   I quilt because I love the way it makes me feel!

Ali   I sew because I'm learning how satisfying it feels to learn and improvise ideas that don't fit me into ones that do!

Elisabetta   [Note from Colleen – Elisabetta is from Italy, and I think she used a translator to create this message.  Her thoughts shine through, though.]   I recently passionated quilting, I think I like it because it reminds me of America (I love your country) =)

Debbie   I have always loved sewing and creating. With quilts you can incorporate many different the "stress relief" and the ability to give to others...

Pippa   I quilt because it calms me and I love making something that other people will use and love like I do

Britany   I quilt to unwind, I think it must somehow help me with my hidden OCD tendencies.

Rutigt   Why do I quilt? Hmmmmm....I think it´s a nice way to use up all the fabrics I´ve been collecting for years :)

Jessica    I quilt because it de-stresses me :) And when it gets stressful, I put it down, haha!

Mrs.Pickles   I like to quilt because it is very rewarding!

Jeanne   I quilt as it is relaxing and gives me enjoyment.

Nanbon44   I quilt to bring smiles to a seniors face when they feel forgotten, I quilt to bring laughter to a child who is fighting for their life, I quilt to soothe a new baby when she enters this world, I quilt to bring comfort to a woman as she tries to make sense of the abuse she just escaped from.. I quilt for others as my mother before me did.. I have some big footsteps to fill.

Tricia   My answer is even though it isn't packed in a pretty package; the truth is I quilt because my sewing machine is the ONLY constant friend I have. It doesn't die, abuse me or ridicule me for not being perfect the first time and it's lets me just be me without any snide remarks. I work with mostly cast aways that others have given to me and seem to relate to the fabrics as such.

Shannon   I quilt because without a creative outlet I go crazy!

Szappanbubi   I honestly don't quilt but sew and because I love CREATING, love that something new and pretty and made-by-me thing becomes ALIVE :) and I simply made it by my hands and my fantasy/creativity !

SassyCathy    Love to quilt because ...
- it is a creative outlet
My mind can wander and imagine ALL things beautiful... nothing bad can enter this creative space (even though my quilt and sew spot is CLUTTERED)
Memories abundant from where I got the fabric to quilts I have seen before made with the same or similar prints
Pretty things - quilts are eye candy for me
Challenge to do my best and keep on keepin' on
It does provide a good bit of entertainment in all areas of the process ... pattern, colors, shopping, cutting, sewing, etc, etc, etc.

Cherise   I have always loved quilts. They make me smile.

Shirley    When I started getting grandkids, it’s a precious gift for them forever.

Tiffany   Quilting makes me happy = and I love giving gifts to people!

Carla   I quilt so I can sew and make something very useful and needed by friends and family. And the handmade factor is huge and very appreciated by the recipients.

Jo   I love fabric and cutting it up and stitching it back together again. It is so satisfying to see an end product and someone's face when they receive a gift.

Linda   I just recently started. It gives me something to do in my spare time

Kathy   I quilt because it reminds me of my mom and because I love the colors and textures of fabrics put together in interesting designs.

Joyce   I quilt because of the creative use of fabrics and color to make something useful.

Stray Stitches (Linda)   I quilt for my own enjoyment. I have always liked working with fabric and making something that I can use and will last for a very long time is very satisfying.

Shauna   I have always enjoyed working with my hands to create. I find quilting very relaxing and do it mostly for my own enjoyment.

Irina   Quilting keeps me sane... allows me to focus on something and gives me pleasure to see the final product.

Catskill Quilter   I quilt because I have to quilt -- there is no other way to put it! It is something I love, and it centers me in a way that nothing else does - and there is always something new to learn!

Krystal   I started to quilt to deal with the loss of my mother! It is very good therapy!

Deb   I quilt so I can have something I made by hand to give away.

Sandy   I started quilting this past winter after being invited to visit the quilters group at the RV park we winter at. Lots of fun and knowledgeable ladies.

Vwlady   I've been quilting since 1981 when I made a quilt using velvet upholstery fabric!! I had no idea what I was doing! It turned out to be quite nice....ruined a flea market sewing machine tho! And I've been quilting ever since. It has helped me through all of the difficult times in my life & was my therapy after a serious brain / health problem that left me disabled.

Lisa   I quilt because it relaxes me. I love every single aspect of the process. From choosing the pattern & fabrics, to starting the project, working my way through it, quilting on my sewing machine, binding, everything!! It's a wonderful way to relax and you have a cuddly, cozy quilt at the end!

legato1958 (Susie)   I quilt because I like to make pretty handbags and purses, and am growing to like quilts.

Deanna   I have always been a sewer and then quilting came along. Love to be creative and make things.

Sharon   I've always wanted to learn to quilt, but it looked intimidating and I didn't know anyone that could teach me, so a couple of years ago I decided it was time to learn. The internet/blogs have been a tremendous help to me. I quilt because it is so relaxing to me and I enjoy all the beautiful fabrics that are available.

Nancy   I like to quilt because I love to play with color. I also feel a sense of accomplishment with each finished quilt. Though I made my first quilt in the 1970s and two between then and the mid-1980s, I've only been spending more time making quilts in the past few years. I can't say I've made very many, though.

Judi   I quilt because I can't not quilt - lol. I enjoy it so much! I love being able to create whatever I want and put things together how I like them. So much better than being stuck buying something anyone else can get at the store.

Mom C   Quilting fills my soul. I feel at peace when I sew. Unless I have a deadline, am struggling with fabric or pattern or machine.   Then I ask myself why I quilt! But on the good days, it fills my heart.

OhioLori   I quilt because I love making/creating something from my Heart...then giving to someone, to feel my Hugs...and Love when they snuggle under it, or wrap up tightly....keepin' them warm & cozy!

Anda    Quilting is something for me after a long day providing daycare for five active kids!

Barb and Sharon   I quilt because I like to create and I can't draw :)

Sewgirl   I quilt because it is my artistic outlet. I actually feel myself getting crabby if too a time goes by that I can't pet some fabric!

Judy1522   I quilt because I like to sew and I really enjoy the whole process of making a quilt.

PJ   I love to quilt because of the creative process of making a quilt.

Lisa   I quilt because I enjoy the process of creating and it's some "me" time. I have a 2-1/2 year old who likes to help-pouring the buttons out on the floor was the latest...

Myself   Quilting is my therapy :) it is my getaway from the everyday worries :)

Sandra   I quilt because it is fun and it becomes a challenge. There are so many tutorials, free quilt patterns to choose as well as the inspiration and giveaways from bloggers, like yourself.

Mahoo   I quilt to relax.

Dresden Quilter   I quilt because I can't imagine not quilting. I love having a tangible way of showing people the love I have for them.

Janet   Because it is a creative outlet and I love sewing.

Sam   I began quilting a year and a half ago and it changed my life. I was struggling internally and with budding addiction. Quilting grounded me in a way that a woman can only do herself. Quilting has brought depth into my life and thus my family's lives.

Birdena   Great question....there are many reasons, but I guess the main reason is that I find it very relaxing and love to create.

Sherry   that creativity just has to come out

Loris   I have a stressful job too...ED nurse...and making things, especially quilts, helps me relax and recharge.

Diann   I quilt to be creative and practical at the same time.

Beaquilter    I love quilting, I love designing in EQ, picking colors and fabrics, cutting, piecing and quilting, and lastly adding the binding and label on the back, some quilts I keep some I give away, I also long arm quilt as my "business"- mostly to cover my fabric "addiction" ha ha

ale    I quilt because I love to be creative.

bohemiannie! Art    I quilt because I just HAVE to make art!

Judy   It's relaxing to quilt!

Cathy   Quilting is my therapy also. Retired 3 yrs ago and spend days just it!

daylily45   I have been asked this question many times, I always give the same answer "I quilt because I can't help it, I love it".

Quiltinggrammy    Fairly new to quilting and find it is a very relaxing. I'm so inspired by all the blogging quilters out there.

Christine   Quilting is my relaxation. I just love doing it!

Mary   Why do I quilt? I have always sewn and enjoy that immensely but have little reason to do it anymore. So, to stave off eating too much and depression I took up quilting. I do have to sew things occasionally just to keep my sanity!

Wendy   I quilt, and sew, for relaxation. I feel stressed if I don't!

free indeed   I use to quilt to clear my mind..with six little ones I needed a break sometime even if it wasn't very often. Now, I like to quilt to make something special for gift giving. It's a part of me to carry on to future generations.

apple blossom   I like quilting because it is fun to quilt very relaxing

Anne   I quilt because it makes me feel like I am leaving my mark. Housework, laundry, and other chores are appreciated, but there's nothing lasting to show for my efforts. Quilting makes me happy, and it's never a chore.

Angela    I quilt because I like sharing what I create with others.

Lisa   I quilt for my self-esteem. I spent a lot of time trying something different from my job after being told I was disabled

The Amateur Quilter (Mike)   I sew/quilt to get away from it all :)

Debbie   I quilt so I can feel the fabric!

Mara   I just started quilting and I do it mostly to give away as presents I love giving the ones I love something I have made from hand, it just makes me feel good.

Sue   I quilt because I love to make my gifts and there are so many things you can make when you quilt. Something for everyone!

Maria   Quilting is something I do for myself (I am a seamstress the rest of the time) and I have fun with it.

Mother of four   I quilt to keep my sanity... I talk all the time to my fabrics and the things I am making... they become my pen-less journal, so in each item, there is a moment in time, that moment is then reflected in each item.
I can't make sunny colours if my mood is less than sunny... do you get my meaning?
Thrift is good, charity shops are my thrift shops... some of my best fabrics have been purchased from them, x J x

Spiritweaver   I like making something out of nothing!

Heather    Why do I quilt? It satisfies my need to be 'crafty' and allows me to play with colour and touch fabric. It's like having a new box of crayons on the first day of school again! Quilting is also my stress relief from work (like you, a middle manager-type), whether it's sewing, reading blogs, looking at books and magazines, or touching fabric.... it all lowers the blood pressure!

Butterflyangels   I quilt because it is the ONE thing that stays done. There is always dog hair to vacuum up, dishes to wash, clothing to fold, and someone’s belly to fill. My sewing, unless I screw up bad, stays DONE!