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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Moving Right Along

When I was working, I had visions of me quilting, quilting, all day long.  Turns out, that hasn't happened.  There are other things to keep me busy.  But, I have been getting a lot more quilting time in than I used to - that's for sure!

I joined a quilt group in town.  It's very small, only about a dozen members, but that suits me just fine.  We quilt for the entire day (9 - 5), then go for supper.  Then, some of the ladies go back and quilt into the evening.  For me, 8 hours is enough!  

I have finished a couple table runners.  Both of these are kits.  Theoretically, they are nice quick projects.  That's without factoring in the procrastination.  They both sat for quite a while waiting to be quilted.

This first one is bright and cheerful - springtime colours.  I have it on my table now, in contrast to the very cold temperatures we've been having.  It warmed up today to -7 C.  This is the warmest it's been in a month.  Most daytime temperatures have been around -20 C.  (January was mild, but we're paying for it now!)

The second one won't come out till the heat of the summer - when I'm in the mood to eat watermelon.

And a close up of the quilting.  I did wavy lines in both directions.  Easy!

I've got some other things almost done - should be able to post again in the next few days!


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