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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Open Wide Zipper Pouch

In the mood for something a little different, I decided to make an Open Wide pouch from Noodlehead's free tutorial.

I have to say that her instructions were very easy to follow, and the bag worked up in no time!

I think, with tne next one I make (and I'm sure there will be a next one), I would make the lining just a bit smaller than the outside.  This was a bit puffy.  But, not to complain!  I'm very happy with the result.

I gave it to my daughter, who is teaching Grade IV this year.  I'm sure she has enough doo-dads to fill it up completely!

I've now bought Noodlehead's Divided Basket pattern. I've seen it being made all over the blogosphere, and each time it looks great!   And, it seems very practical too.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

I'm an Eternal Optimist

I must be -- that's the only way to explain why I'm entering the Finish-Along, even though I rarely have any finishes!

This year, the Finish-Along is hosted by Adrianne at On the Windy Side.  Click on the logo to get to her site.

2015 FAL at On the Windy Side

So, here are my second quarter goals.

These are my blocks from the 2013 Craftsy Block of the Month (the Laura Nownes one).  I wasn't crazy about the layout that was offered, and thought it would be a good chance to try quilt as you go.  So, I've put the smaller ones together, and added white borders to most of them to make 9 blocks that are each about 15 inches.  They all need to be quilted and sewn together.

This one is less ambitious.  The top is all together. It needs a little embroidery to mark the watermelon seeds, and then to quilt it up, just in time to put it on the table and eat watermelon!

This one is a leader - ender project.  I cut scraps into 2 inch squares, and sewed lights to darks, then sewed twosies into foursies and foursies into sixteenies.  (Is that even a word??)  And before I knew it, I had a good sized lap quilt done.  It will be a charity quilt once it's done.  I've actually started quilting this one, so it shouldn't be long.

Think I'll get any of those done?  Of course I will!

Linking up to Adrianne - On the Windy Side.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Modern Mini Swap

The Calgary Modern Quilt Guild challenged us all to create a modern mini quilt, and at the last meeting, we exchanged them.

You'll recall that the one I made was my idea of a spring theme - windmills.

modern mini

I thought the quilting looked like wind blowing.

In exchange, I received this lovely -- made by Corina:

The pattern is Puddle Jumpers -- again, a great spring theme.  And, in my favourite colours too!

I've already put it to use.

The weather here has smartened up considerably since my last post.  Spring is arriving!

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Scrap in a Box Part Two

Plugging along on Charlotte's Scrap in a Box mystery quilt.  This was the second clue.

scrapbox 7

We had to make 82 of these little blocks (4 1/2 inch).  I mixed and matched, so that no one block had two of the same fabrics.

scrapbox 8

Each of them had to be trimmed just a hair (due to my sewing, not Charlotte's instructions!) and the dog ears removed.  That took almost as long as the sewing!

I still can't start to imagine how this quilt will look when it's done.  But, I 'm still loving the colour combination, so I can hardly wait!

Today is Easter Sunday -- for some reason, we've always celebrated it quietly.  Supper tonight will be just Mr. CQ2 and me, and I've cooked up a big pot of clam chowder.  It will go well with the snow we've had today.