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Friday, June 29, 2012

One More Freebie Fifteen

I'm still plugging away on these blocks.  I think there are just two more months to go.  At Traditional Pastimes this last month, they had part of the quilt put together - made me realize that the end is near!

So, here is this month's block:

Compared to the last couple months, this one was a piece of cake!  Nice squares and half square triangles - I didn't have to moan to Mr. CQT about it being "too haaaarrrd" once!  (He's not all that helpful when I do moan.  He says "Well, don't do it then."  What kind of advice is that to a quilter?  Of course I have to do it!  He just needs to pat me on the back and agree that I really am tortured by all of those horrible templates and to compensate, he'll take over the housecleaning or take me out to dinner.  Why doesn't he think of that?)

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Central Alberta Quilt Show

Mr. CQT and I had a nice trip to Red Deer today for the annual Central Alberta Quilt Guild show.  Actually, I dropped him off at the motorcycle dealership, and went to the show myself.  That way, we both enjoyed the trip.

This is a great show, with gorgeous quilts and LOTS of vendors.  It is really well done for a show done by a smaller centre. It has a huge draw, with people coming from Calgary, Edmonton and beyond.

I arrived just before the door opened, and there were about 100 people in line!  I made a good choice - I decided to go look at the quilts first.  The other 99 people headed over to the vendor booths and I was all by myself wandering amongst the quilts.  Since I actually remembered to take my camera, it was great.  I could take lots of pictures with no one getting in the way!

After that, I wandered around the vendor booths.  I only bought one thing - a DVD, "Sally Collins teaches Precision Piecing".  Mostly, the vendors this year were selling kits.   Tons of kits!  I looked at them, but kept thinking about all the fabric (and a couple or six kits) I have sitting in my sewing room.  I really, really don't need any more!  So, I looked for new templates and notions, and really didn't see any.  I looked at books and patterns, but nothing jumped out at me, so my Visa did not get the workout it expected.

Here is a slideshow of some of the quilts.  I probably took pictures only of a third of the quilts that were there.  These were the ones that inspired me.  I discovered something -- I really have to learn to hold the camera straight!  I hope you don't get too sea sick looking at these!

Sunday, June 03, 2012

I'm Back!

Mr CQT and I took a week's vacation in Phoenix and soaked in the heat - which was good, as we really haven't had any heat yet this year in Calgary.

We also drove up through beautiful Sedona to Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon.  It was the first time I had ever been there.  It is awe inspiring!

This photo doesn't even begin to do it justice.  After walking around, we headed into the gift shop to look for a fridge magnet (we collect fridge magnets wherever we go!), and what did I see, hidden in a little corner?

Imagine that!  A Grande Canyon quilt!

We also managed to visit almost every quilt store in Phoenix / Sedona / Flagstaff, and I did a little shopping. You can't just go into these stores and not buy anything, right?  And there were Memorial Day sales going on in some of them, so I got some really good deals!

Here's my loot.  I have no idea what I will do with these bright fat quarters, but they were so pretty, I couldn't resist

 Same with these solids and the pastel coloured ones below - although I'm sure a baby quilt will be needed at some point or another, and I'll be ready with these fabrics!

Part of the reason for our trip to Flagstaff was so that Mr. CGT could experience Route 66.  He has always dreamed of driving on that route, so the bit that we were able to experience in Flagstaff was fun!  And, in one of the stores, I found some Route 66 fabric.

I'm going to make Mr. CGT a pillow out of this.

More fabric, a ruler and a book:

I've got an idea for a Mariner's Compass quilt that I would love to make to hang at work.  We work with people going through separation and other family disputes, and a big focus of the work is mediation.  The Mariner's Compass would be an ideal symbol of the mediators goal - to guide people to a better way of resolving their disputes.  This is a "someday project", for sure, but getting the instructions is a first step.

I also bought myself a hat.  Usually I look absolutely ridiculous in hats.  But I found this Anne of Green Gables style hat in Arizona, and I don't think it's that bad!  Now I've got something to wear when I'm gardening.  Have to maintain the pasty white Canadian complexion, eh?