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Friday, June 29, 2012

One More Freebie Fifteen

I'm still plugging away on these blocks.  I think there are just two more months to go.  At Traditional Pastimes this last month, they had part of the quilt put together - made me realize that the end is near!

So, here is this month's block:

Compared to the last couple months, this one was a piece of cake!  Nice squares and half square triangles - I didn't have to moan to Mr. CQT about it being "too haaaarrrd" once!  (He's not all that helpful when I do moan.  He says "Well, don't do it then."  What kind of advice is that to a quilter?  Of course I have to do it!  He just needs to pat me on the back and agree that I really am tortured by all of those horrible templates and to compensate, he'll take over the housecleaning or take me out to dinner.  Why doesn't he think of that?)

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Rosemary Dickinson said...

I think my husband has said stuff like that too! I also hear, "if it's not enjoyable, why are you doing it?" I guess you have to be a quilter to understand!!