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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Central Alberta Quilt Show

Mr. CQT and I had a nice trip to Red Deer today for the annual Central Alberta Quilt Guild show.  Actually, I dropped him off at the motorcycle dealership, and went to the show myself.  That way, we both enjoyed the trip.

This is a great show, with gorgeous quilts and LOTS of vendors.  It is really well done for a show done by a smaller centre. It has a huge draw, with people coming from Calgary, Edmonton and beyond.

I arrived just before the door opened, and there were about 100 people in line!  I made a good choice - I decided to go look at the quilts first.  The other 99 people headed over to the vendor booths and I was all by myself wandering amongst the quilts.  Since I actually remembered to take my camera, it was great.  I could take lots of pictures with no one getting in the way!

After that, I wandered around the vendor booths.  I only bought one thing - a DVD, "Sally Collins teaches Precision Piecing".  Mostly, the vendors this year were selling kits.   Tons of kits!  I looked at them, but kept thinking about all the fabric (and a couple or six kits) I have sitting in my sewing room.  I really, really don't need any more!  So, I looked for new templates and notions, and really didn't see any.  I looked at books and patterns, but nothing jumped out at me, so my Visa did not get the workout it expected.

Here is a slideshow of some of the quilts.  I probably took pictures only of a third of the quilts that were there.  These were the ones that inspired me.  I discovered something -- I really have to learn to hold the camera straight!  I hope you don't get too sea sick looking at these!

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Linda said...

Wow! Awesome quilt show. Thanks for posting your great photos.