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Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Quilts

I have two people in my life who are having babies this spring.  One is my lovely niece, and this will be the first grand-niece or nephew in the family!  The second is a friend of my daughter's.  These two have been friends since the first grade.  (They are now both 24.)  So, a quilt is definitely in order for her as well!

It occurred to me though that these two moms-to-be don't know each other.  Bonus!  I can make the same quilt for each of them, and they will never see each other to compare notes.  ("Hey, I see that your corners match better than mine."  "Yes, but she's done a much better job of quilting mine."  I KNOW these kinds of conversations go on all the time... well, they do in my imagination.)

So, here is the start of these two quilts:

Strips of lots and lots of brights.  I cut them, then pieced them together like this:

The quilt is called "Celebration".  It is a Judy Martin quilt from her book, "Scraps".  I love Judy Martin for her precise directions.  This quilt also has a black and white checkerboard that winds through it.  It is different from your typical soft coloured baby quilt, but perfect, I think, for a play quilt.

1 comment:

Heather said...

love your choice of vivid colours. Pastels don't excite me. Looking forward to the next phto to see how the black and white fit in. Judy Martin does lovely books and patterns, though I don't think I have that book.