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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Downton Abbey'd

I am just loving the show "Downton Abbey", on PBS.  The second season is winding up this Sunday, but they are re-playing all of the episodes of Season 2 that day.  It is about the family and servants of the Earl of Grantham, on an estate in Britain during World War I.  The storylines are wonderful, but the clothes that the characters wear are fabulous!  I am amazed at the detail and embellishment on the dresses.

I am so wrapped up in the show, that yesterday at work, I dealt with someone who reminded me very much of one of the characters, and I almost burst out with a comment about Downton Abbey.  Since my job is with people going through separation and divorce, it's kind of like being a funeral director.  You have to start out being serious and business-like with people, and feel them out to see if they can handle humour.   I decided that this person would probably not appreciate my totally off topic comment.  But inside, I was wondering how she would look in a circa 1918 gown!

If you haven't watched, take a look on Sunday.  Or, in Canada, Vision TV is running the whole series, starting from Season 1, on Wednesdays.

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Diane H said...

I'm hooked too! We've still got last weeks two hour episode to watch. I'm stealing your Keep Calm pic for my blog - hope that's okay.