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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Without thinking about what day it was, I booked a few vacation days - including today.  That's a nice Valentine gift to myself!  My DH, as he has done every year for the past 26, sent me flowers to work (last week - since I was on vacation this week).  As he explained to my son, "You always send flowers to your wife at work, so she can have all the ladies ooh and aah over them."  They were lovely - and I did get oohs and aahs.

I made him a cherry pie.  I thought it was appropriate - being red and all.  And, it is his favourite dessert.  It was nice having the time to do that for my sweetie!

I filled a couple goodie bags that I made a couple years ago.

One for DH and one for my son.  They won't be crazy about the pink or the flowers, but they will like the chocolates inside.
I hope you all have a warm and happy Valentine's Day.


Betsy Lynn said...

Very cute! I voted for you on Quilting Gallery.

Diane H said...

Hi Colleen, lovely to 'meet' you. I'm here from Quilting Gallery as well.