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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Finish-A-Long Progress

Oh, I am in major procrastination mode now.  I've finished the quilt top.  This is half of it:

"What are you talking about, Colleen?"  I hear you say.  "I thought you said you were finished the top??"

Well, I'm trying something.  I've pieced the top in two halves.  Imagine the mirror image just to the right of the piece in the above photo.  I didn't have a piece of floor large enough to put both pieces together.  I'm going to quilt it in two pieces, then put it together, like a quilt as you go project.  I don't know if that will work.  I will let you know.

So, the quilting...  I'm thinking of just doing an overall pattern.  I did take the Quilt Whisperer course last year, and part of my mind says that I should be doing something really fancy in terms of quilting.  But, this is the step that is most scary to me, and if I think too much about it, I may never get it done!  Better to just jump in with an easier design.

I could think about the quilting procrastinate for a long time at this stage in the process.  But, I made a commitment in the Finish-A-Long, so I WILL get it done.


Ann Marie @ 16 Muddy Feet said...

There is already so much movement going on in this quilt a simple over all loop de loop would be fine I think.

Karen said...

You're a brave soul to quilt it in pieces! I just finished the Quilt Whisperer course with Carla - she's amazing. Love the colours in your quilt.

Colleen said...

Brave? More likely crazy.