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Friday, December 09, 2011


Working in the family law biz is especially stressful before Christmas.  People have lots of urgent concerns - things that they either never thought of before or that they thought their ex would agree to.  Turns out they can't agree who will have Junior this Christmas.  Or, they need to get a passport to travel, and can't find their ex to sign.  Or, they want to increase their child support and have extra money to pay the Christmas bills.  And, everyone is more emotional this time of year.  Including us - those that are supposed to be calm and professional as we help.
This is how our office front counter area felt all week.  Minus the cross.  I had strong language and tears - from the clients and from the staff.  This should be the worst of it, though.   By next week, it is getting too late to make court applications if they have to serve the other party.  So, we can coast through to Christmas - then be ready for the first workday after Christmas, when we get the inevitable post Christmas rush.

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annieb said...

Sounds like a stressful week. Hope next week is better for you...