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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boxing Day Sew In (BDSI) Results

Well, it wasn't on Boxing Day, but I did finish all of the 64 blocks needed for my son's graduation quilt.

These are 16 of the blocks - I laid them out to see what the finished quilt would look like.  I'm pretty pleased.  This is a pattern from an old Fons and Porter magazine.

BDSI was a lot of fun.  We joined in via Twitter.  I had never used Twitter before, so that took some getting used to.  It's like being in a big room and listening in on various random conversations.  Then, you just jump in.  I can't see myself being a big Tweeter, but for something like this, with a limited group of people, I quite liked it.  I set up my laptop next to my sewing machine and checked it every time I got up to iron.  There were giveaways set up ahead of time, and timed giveaways during the day.  It felt very much like a retreat, except that I could leave and get myself a coffee or have a quick break whenever I wanted.  I would definitely joing in a Twitter quilting event again.  The group was talking about doing one on either New Years Eve or New Years Day.

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