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Friday, December 02, 2011

Quilting History, Day Five

Mystery Quilts!

I've done three mystery quilts.  I have to admit - they are not my favourite.

The thing with a mystery quilt is that you have to pick fabric with no idea, really, how it is going to go together.  If I can see the pattern, I have a better idea if my fabric is going to work or not.

Here is my first mystery quilt.

I learned a valuable lesson with this quilt.  I bought the three fabrics from one line.  Each, by itself, was quite lovely.  Together - boring!  All mediums.  No sparkle.  Oh, well.  It's a good couch quilt!

Undaunted by my first mystery quilt - I signed up for another.  Here it is.
This one came out better in terms of contrast.  The photo is a little more purple than the actual quilt.  The solids are more of a rust.  Tell you the truth - I don't like rust all that much.  I did like the border fabric, and chose the other fabrics to match.   But again, I didn't really like the combination.

I used a little thicker batting in this quilt, (Quilters Dream "Select") and my husband loves it.  I have to admit - it is really cozy.  Both of these quilts are not quite twin size.

So, it was awhile till I tried another Mystery Quilt.  This spring, though, Vicki at Peacebrook Quilting announced she was doing a mystery, and I thought, "Why Not?"  Then her instructions came thick and fast.   Even though I'm not normally that quick, I did manage to keep up.  Here is the result.

I quite like this one.  I free motioned it with a baby bonnet design, as it's crib size.  I donated it to the Slave Lake fire victims.

So who knows.  I may try a mystery again.  But first, I have to get all of my UFO's completed!

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