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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Scrapitude Progress Report

So, I've been working away on the Scrapitude Mystery, hosted by Sandy at Quilting for the Rest of us.  And, I've been feeling quite smug, because I have actually been keeping up with the clues!

Sandy posted the first part of Step 4 the other day, and I started right in.  We had to put various parts together to make 25 of these blocks.  I've got 9 done, but they are coming together fairly fast.  I'm right on schedule!

Scrapitude 6.jpg

Then, she posted the second part of Step 4, which talks about using triangle units we made in Step 2.  Wait a minute?  This isn't sounding familiar!!  So, I pulled out the instructions that I had printed out, and - lo and behold - I missed a large part of Step 2!  Who is wiping egg off their face now?

But, not to worry - I plan on getting caught up in time for the final clue in a couple weeks.

I'm linking up with Sandy's Scrapitude Linky Party and you can see other participants' photos on the Flickr group.


Rosemary Dickinson said...

Looks great so far! I'm sure you'll catch up in no time!

Little House on the Hill said...

Looking good can't wait to see the end result
Cheers Pauline

Heather said...

nice blocks. using that palest background sure works with that huge variety of scraps.

rubyslipperz said...

What a fun quilt! Love your comments! They gave me big smiles to start my off to scramble *my*self an egg lol

annie =)