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Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 New Years Quilty Resolutions

I just love Calvin and Hobbes!!

Sandy, over at Quilting for the Rest of Us has, for the last couple of years, hosted a blog post where you can submit your quilty resolutions.  She is very helpful in that she suggests a theme for those resolutions.  This year is to think about "the quilted monkey we want get off our back".  There is a giveaway involved, but that's not why I do it - I find it helpful to set quilting goals - even if I rarely achieve them!

The way Sandy sets up her post is through google docs - so as soon as you submit your answers, they are whisked away, and, if you're like me, you immediately forget what you wrote.  One of these years, I will remember to print out the page before I hit "submit"!

However, I have a vague recollection of these three monkeys:

1.  To actually finish the projects I start!!  I love starting projects, but, for some reason, I'm really bad at finishing them.  I want to must finish at least one project for each new one I start.

2.  To get better at free motion quilting.  I have discovered that reading books and watching videos about quilting doesn't really improve mine very much.  Imagine!!  I actually have to practice to get better - and that's the plan for this year.

3.  To reduce my stash.  This is related, I think, to the first resolution.  I get overwhelmed by having so much fabric and so many possibilities.  I'm hoping that if I pare down a little, I won't be so overwhelmed, and perhaps, I will have more finished.

So, there you are - they are now written in a place where I can go back and check.  So, I'll have to do that periodically.

Now, totally unrelated to the above, I have signed up for Stitchery Dickery Dock's Sugar Block Club.

I can hear you - "Colleen - doesn't this totally violate Resolution #1?"

The answer to that is "No!"  You see, I signed up for this club before the end of December!  So, it doesn't count!  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

Happy New Years!!

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