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Monday, July 01, 2013

Interested in Helping Flood Victims in Southern Alberta?

You have probably all heard about the devastating flooding in southern Alberta.  The 13,000 residents of High River have only started to be allowed back in as of yesterday to see what has happened to their homes and begin cleanup.  Parts of the town are still under water.  Many people in Calgary have lost their homes, or have had to empty them of mud soaked possessions.

If you are wondering what you can do, here are some options:

Finished quilts or quilt tops can be sent to My Sewing Room.  They are also accepting donations of scraps, batting and backing fabric.

Finished quilts or quilt tops can also be sent to Traditional Pastimes.

If you are in BC, you can deliver finished quilts to Quilter's Connection magazine.  Heather will be travelling to Calgary later this summer.

There are a couple of Facebook pages set up - search Quilting for Calgary or Quilts for Calgary.

Cheryl Arkison, author of Sunday Morning Quilts, has asked for "slab" blocks.  She describes how to do them on her blog and you can contact her through her blog for her address.

If you are in the US, you can send any donations to Westfreight Systems in Houston, who have agreed to deliver them to Calgary.  You can contact:
Westfreight Systems
16855 Crosby Freeway
Houston, Texas  77049
Phone 281-456-7332
Attention Kathy or Randy

You can also donate to the Red Cross.

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