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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why am I Quilting When I Should be Building an Ark?

It has been raining and raining here.  Rivers are flooding.  Roads are being washed out.  It's not as bad in Calgary as in some of the surrounding towns.  We're so close to the mountains that when there is a big rain, the effect is multiplied by the run-off.

But we're high and dry here, just watching it come down.  The biggest tragedy for me is that the guild meeting tonight was cancelled!

I've been working on my Craftsy Block of the Month blocks. As I mentioned in my last post, the June block had Y seams, which I have never done before.  Well, I have to tell you  - Laura's instructions were so complete, that I had no problem at all.  The seams met up exactly where they should!

Here are May's:

craftsy may

and here is June:

craftsy june

Well, off I go to the basement quilt studio.


Heather said...

very nicely done. I've only sewn y seams a few times, but am determined to master them this year. I did do mitred borders on my most recent quilt top and they went very well.

Hope you continued to be safe from the water. My sister was evacuated Friday afternoon from her highrise downtown, but is quite well.

Ale jc said...

Love those blocks....and i hear you...enough rain