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Monday, June 17, 2013

Close Only Counts in Horseshoes

But it was exciting, nonetheless.

I have entered quilts in Quilting Gallery's weekly Show and Tell contest from time to time.  I usually go in when it's time to vote and vote for my own quilt, just to it's not down there at the bottom with 0% of the votes.

This week, the theme was Quilts for Guys, and I decided to enter my son's quilt, Blue Bayou.

blue bayou 3

Voting closed today, and I went in to see how I'd done.  Wow!

There it was, in second place, with 77 votes!  What a rush!  Thanks so much to any of my blog buddies who voted for my quilt.   You made my day!


Rosemary Dickinson said...

That's wonderful! Congratulations! I've entered a few times and never made it that close to the top.

Heather said...

That is a lovely quilt and most definitely suited for a male. Congrats on doing so well in the voting. I was quite thrilled the time I made it to the top half.

Michelle G said...

I disagree that close only counts in horseshoes. I think second makes you quilting royalty. The quilt is beautiful!

MarneyMay said...

Well done 2nd is great. Beautiful quilt.

Cheers Pauline