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Sunday, February 10, 2013

February 7 - 10

The Drop and Give me Twenty challenge is turning out to be a real motivation for me.  I've been down in my sewing room every day, and 20 minutes has turned into an hour or more on most days.
I've finished the Freebie Fifteen top!
freebie fifteen all together

Actually, I didn't think it was finished.  After all, I've got 208 hourglass blocks that I made along with the monthly blocks, and they were supposed to be a second border.  But, as soon as I sewed on the first border, the quilt said to me, "Colleen, I am busy enough with all of these complicated blocks.  I do not need a pieced border!"  Well, who am I to argue with a quilt!  So, it's finished.  And I'm glad.

Now, for the backing.  I did buy fabric for the back, online.  When it arrived, it was all wrong.  So wrong!  It is a teal colour, and I thought it looked kind of oceany when I saw it.  (After all, the real name of the quilt is Sand and Sea Glass.)  But the blues in the quilt are more of a sky blue, not teal at all.  I'll save that for a backing for something else, and find new fabric for this one.

So, today, my plan is to clean in my sewing room.  I'm getting distracted by all of the bits of thread and fuzz on the floor!


Sharon said...

WOW! Those blocks are amazing! Isn't it funny how 20 minutes a day leads to more, more, more fun?

Beth at Quilting Hottie Haven said...

I am so happy to see how much you are getting done! I'm going to have to agree with your very intelligent quilt - a pieced border would be a bit much. But you made 208 hourglass blocks that will be a quilt in itself, no? :) Can't just throw them out!