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Sunday, January 06, 2013

True Colours

A few weeks ago, we participated in a True Colors Workshop at work.  In it, we completed an analysis of our personality type, and were grouped by colours - gold, green, orange or blue.  I came home with a gold wristband that had written on it "Loyal Dependable Prepared".  I complained to Mr. CQT that it appeared that I would make a good St. Bernard!

The workshop itself was fascinating, and if you ever get an opportunity to participate, I would really encourage you to do so.  I see that they have had a show on PBS during pledge week, so that is probably a good chance to find out more.

Gold people are organized, family and tradition oriented, follow the rules and get things done.
Green people are analytical - the scientists and inventors.
Blue people are social - warm and friendly.
And orange people are the risk takers - artistic and creative.

We all have a bit of all colours.  But it became clear to all of us very quickly that we did fit clearly into one or two categories.  (My second colour is green.)  The instructor grouped us with our like colours and had us do an exercise.  We had fun with that, as we all tended to agree.  And, then we started looking at our co-workers and thinking, "Hmm...That explains a lot!".  For me, it was eyeopening to realize that not everyone sees the world as I do.  I mean, I did know that before - but it made me look at people through a new lens.  I work with many social workers - blue toned, all of them!

I can see my colours in my quilting too. (No, I don't make green and gold quilts.) I'm a traditional quilter, and have never made a quilt without following a pattern.  I love gadgets, and want them all, and when I get them, I read through the instructions and learn how to use them properly!  I'm not adventurous, in that I don't just try something on a whim - but I do like taking courses and learning new techniques that way.

I used to think maybe there was something wrong with me, when I read blogs and hear interviews with quilters who say that they never follow a pattern, and they're always trying new things that they have just made up themselves.  They say that quilters should think outside the box and be creative.  But now I realize that they are probably orange.  And I am gold - and there is nothing wrong with either of us!

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