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Friday, January 04, 2013

Tablet Sleeve

My son is in his first year of a New Media Technology program.  He’s learning webpage design, graphic design, photography and photoshop, videography, etc.  It’s quite an interesting program, and it’s fun to see him actually excited about going to school!

We bought him a tablet to help with the computer work.  It is the neatest thing – it looks just like a black, well, tablet – no screen.  Actually, it kind of reminds me of the slates they used to use in school in pioneer times.  He writes on it with a stylus, and  whatever he writes shows up on the computer screen.  He let me try it.  It’s harder than you would think! 

I was tickled pink when he asked me to make him a sleeve.  I found instructions from Elizabeth Hartman of Oh Fransson.  The instructions were really easy to follow, and it all went together really well.  I couldn't find fusible fleece, so I used batting and muslin and quilted it.

I have a bazillion fat quarters, so used a few of those, instead of just two.  The fabric is Wordplay by Michele D'Amore (Benartex).  DS didn't even mind that most of the words were quilt related.  I did think the black, grey and white were masculine.

Here are a couple other views.

I think I might be making myself a laptop sleeve next!

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