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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Quilting History Day Three

Well, this next one is kind of ironic.  The pattern was from Quick Quilts magazine.  The quilt took me, ohhh, about 5 years to complete.  I really do much better when I am taking a class or have some other incentive to get it finished!

Here is the quilt.

At the time I started it, I had found this fabric that I thought would make a great border.  I carried around a swatch all over the place and slowly found matching colours for all the stars and setting blocks.  I put the blocks together and held them up next to my border fabric and ... ewwww!  It looked awful!  So, off to the quilt shop I went and found another fabric that was a little more suitable.  You can't see in the photo, but it is kind of a plaid, with multi colours in it.

At the time I was working on this, I made a table runner and some placemats for my mom.

The border fabric on these was a gorgeous tapestry-like material.  This time, the border still looked good after I made the blocks.  No closeup of the quilting on this one - it was my first attempt at free motion and pretty sad.

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