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Monday, November 21, 2011

Quilting History Day One

I thought that I'd start out by showing the quilts that I've done.  Don't worry, there aren't that many - I'm not a very fast quilter.

It all started back in the 90's.  I had sewn for myself (dorky homemade look most of the time, but there were a few winners), then for my kids, until they outgrew the dorky homemade look, then a lot of home dec (which turned out pretty well - not dorky at all!).  I was always frustrated with the big box fabric stores, and kept wandering into this lovely little shop called The Fabric Cottage.  But all they carried was quilting cotton - no fashion fabrics, no drapery.  Each time, though, I marvelled at the wonderful quilts on the walls.  Finally, I got up my nerve and asked if they had classes.  To my delight, they did.

This was my first quilt.
With it was my first lesson in colour theory.  I didn't realize the gold would stand out like it does.  But I loved it, and was immediately hooked!

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