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Sunday, July 08, 2018

One Finish to Report

I really intended to get more done this quarter!  I could offer all kinds of excuses, but you've heard them all before.  (Probably from me!)

In any event, I do have one finish for the Finish-A-Long.  This is an Easter table runner - finished in lots of time for next Easter!

This was a kit that was on sale.  I probably wouldn't have bought it is it wasn't, as the bunny is kind of funny looking.  It looks a little better after I quilted it.  I used metallic thread and outlined all of his "parts" which made them stand out a bit more.  

It's the first time I have used metallic thread.  I discovered, fairly quickly, that the stitch regulator was not the way to go.  Once I turned that off, and slowed down a lot, the stitching went quite well, with very little breakage.

My other complaint with this kit was the fabric.  There were two different purple batiks.  They were so similar, though, you can't even see the flying geese beside the flower.

Enough whining though.  It's done!  And ready for next Easter.

I leave you with a photo of, what I think is a Mock Orange  Last summer, I saw a few white flowers hidden behind an overgrown lilac next to my house.  I cut out most of  the lilac, and was rewarded this year with this pretty bush!  I'm quite pleased with this gardening success!

I will be linking up with the Finish-A-Long gals.



Charlie said...

Very nicely done! Congratulations on a beautiful finish!

Marci Girl said...

Congratulations on the your one finish, I agree with you I always think I'll get more done, but oh well. It really is pretty. Thanks for linking up on behalf of the 2018 global Finish-A-Long hosts.