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Monday, May 19, 2014

Not a Lot of Quilting Going On

Over the winter, we did some fairly major renovations to our house.  It started relatively small.  Mr. CQT discovered that the piping used for plumbing in our house was prone to leaks.  We've had a couple wet spots on the ceiling of the main floor, and decided it was time to replace that.  Mr. CQT is pretty handy, so he figured out how to locate the piping behind the walls and ceiling, so as to cut out as little as possible.

But, when we started talking about it, I mentioned how I really hated the popcorn ceiling and would like to have it replaced with knockdown - and since we're cutting holes in it anyway, now would be a good time to do that.

And then we started talking about how worn the master bathroom was... and before you know it, we decided to renovate the bathroom.

And then we started talking about the carpet - it was 20 years old and looking shabby. (We should have realized that we needed to stop talking, but no....)

Oh, and that gas fireplace in the family room that never worked - might as well replace that too, while the carpet was torn up.

Some major work was done, mostly by contractors, but we did the painting (and painting, and painting). We also replaced light fixtures (who knew brass was no longer in style!)

Mr. CQT was an expeditor before he retired - he worked on oilfield construction, making sure that items and trades were there when they needed to be.  Those skills really came in handy!

Here is the bathroom:

I made the curtain  - you can't see it all that well, but it has red in it to match the towels, and green that matches the bedding and curtains in the master bedroom.  Below is the huge shower!

And the new fireplace:

And new curtains in the kitchen, along with new light and table and chairs:

The fabric for the curtains came from a new-to-me online fabric shop in Toronto - Tonic Living.  They specialize in home dec fabrics and have a huge selection.  Their prices are are reasonable, as is their shipping cost.   They will send you swatches (that are about 6 inches square) for $1.50 - $1.75 apiece.  I ordered several before I chose the fabric.

I still need to make a set of curtains for the upstairs hall, and I'm going to make a valance for a bedroom with the Craftsy class, Sewing Custom Valances.  I'll be ordering the fabric from Tonic Living for those too.

So, not a lot of quilting in the last 4 or 5 months.  But, I will be going to the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts show next weekend, so I'll get my quilty fix!


barbara woods said...

every thing looks great

Charlotte Scott said...

It's always luxurious to shower in a brand new bathroom!