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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Heritage Park Festival of Quilts 2014

Saturday morning dawned bright and warm for this year's Festival of Quilts at Heritage Park in Calgary.  It is not always this nice for this annual event on the last weekend of May.  I have seen it snow, and it often rains. But this year, we only got a bit of a shower Saturday afternoon, and lots of sun in the morning!

 As we entered the park, we could see quilts hanging under tents and (yay!) the Vendor Tent over on the left!

I only took a few pictures this year. There were about 800 quilts on display, and I wanted to enjoy them in person, rather than through photos.

 I thought these two quilts were stunning!

The was the one of the old houses, with quilts hanging on the porch.

The Wainwright Hotel, covered with the large bedquilts. 

The woman who designed this fabric gave a talk to our guild about her history and design process.  (I can't remember her name!)  But it was fun to find a quilt using her fabric.

This was a beautiful whole cloth quilt.  You can see in the closeup that the mosquitoes were out in full force and seemed to like the white!

And this one looked familiar!  It's the Sand and Sea Glass quilt that I've been working on these last 2 years!  This quilter did a fabulous job.  There were two other Sand and Sea Glass quilts hanging in the show.  I've GOT to get mine done!!

These four critters were adorable!  The penguin was done by Mary Dylke of our guild.

These last photos were of one of those in the modern quilt display (draped over vintage cars).  The quilting on this quilt was just amazing!!

I didn't do too much damage to my charge card while I was there - despite some great bargains!  I did buy one jelly roll.  I recently won a Carolyn Friedlander pattern from Stephanie, at  Modern Sewciety. I chose the Sunrise pattern.  It can be made with a jelly roll, so I thought I had better be prepared for its arrival!

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Linda said...

Thanks for posting pics. It looks like such a wonderful show.