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Saturday, October 05, 2013


You'll remember that High River, Alberta, was the town that was almost completely submerged in the flood last June.  Townspeople were not allowed back into their homes for a couple weeks, and came back to find severe damage.

Mr. CQT and I were happy to hear that the town was holding its annual Car Show last weekend, and made a trip down to see them. While we were wandering around, I looked for Chinook Fabrics, and found it in a tiny temporary location in an office building.

Well, I did a little shopping, and the clerk invited me to enter a contest.  I'm always happy to do that, and got a phone call this week to tell me that I had won!

So, it was back to High River today, to pick up my winnings - this fun apron!

It's made out of denim, and is embroidered with "River City Classics Car Club  High River, AB" and a picture of -- what else -- a classic car.  As soon as I got home, Mr. CQT claimed it for his "bacon apron".  I guess we both won with that prize!

I did a little more shopping.  I needed backing for my Maple Sugar quilt, and the wonderful ladies at Chinook Fabrics helped me find the perfect fabric.

The colours match the top perfectly - and it was even 25% off!

On the way home, I stopped in to buy this "goddess gift".

Several of us at work turned 50 in the same year - a few years ago.  We decided to celebrate together, and called ourselves goddesses.   We all wore tiaras and went out to dinner after work one night.  We had a fabulous time finding out how much we had in common.  We've since introduced others to our goddess club, as they reach that magic age.  I just found out that we are gaining a new member, as of this weekend, so went tiara shopping for her!

PS - my kids give me that "Mom's gone nuts" look when they hear about us going to dinner in tiaras.  But, when you're a goddess, you have to put up with a little ridicule from the younger generation!


Peg said...

Interesting! All the times we've been to HR and never discovered they have a quilt store. Believe me, we'll be looking for it next time! Congrats on the win!

Julierose said...

when you turn 70--you get a "Crown" hahaha! (More like a crown of white hair lol) Glad you ignored the others and enjoyed yourselves--fun times! hugs, Julierose

sew.darn.quilt said...

Nice win! Definitely nice to hear that some of the businesses are managing to keep going, and you purchased some lovely fabric for your quilt. Win/Win!!