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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Listening While I Quilt - Part Deux

Here is a continuation of the list of quilty podcasts that I started yesterday.

Jackie's Quilting Chronicles:  Jackie is a former longarmer who now runs a quilting studio, where she teaches classes and runs day long retreats.  She also has an online store.  She has chatted about all kinds of topics.  She is a friend of the author Marie Bostwick, so you can count on an interview whenever Marie releases a new book.

Katie's Quilting Corner:  Katie is a younger quilter - she just turned 30.  She talks about quilting, machine embroidery, her vacations, and her corgis.  She has shared many techniques as she learned them. She's now starting to teach at her LQS, so talks about that too.

Katie's Quiet Quilting Place:  Another Katie - this one a mom to three (soon to be four) young girls.  She only posted 10 episodes as she learned to quilt, but I encourage you to give them a listen.  She waxes philosophical - and I found her to be very interesting.

Lazy Daisy Quilts: "Because I am and I do"  That has to be the greatest tag line ever.  Daisy is anything but lazy, as she creates gorgeous quilts, mostly from scraps.  She also sings on occasion - she has a beautiful voice.

Nonnie's Quilting Dreams:  Nonnie (pronounced No-knee) has her daughter and 5 year old grandson living with her.  She works full time.  I wonder how she gets any time to quilt.  But she does squeeze it in and tells us what she has been up to.  She did take a break when she was doing renovations to her house that prevented her from sewing, but I think she's back.

Patchwork and Pacifiers:  This is another podcast that has ended, but the episodes that were done are worth a listen.  Jennifer was very funny and entertaining.  She had one baby when she started, and we went through her second pregnancy.  Unfortunately two kiddos were taking all her time, so she stopped podcasting.

Quilt Cabana Corner:  Sandi is a quilter, a mom and a book and pattern publisher!  She talks about her quilts, trips to different places and her family.

Quilter in the Gap:  Rhonda is hilarious!  She has taken a different approach - she often interviews other bloggers, in writing.  She reads out the questions and their answers, then makes comments.  Her contacts seem mostly to be with the UK bloggers, so her podcast opened up a new group of quilters for me to visit in blogland.

Quilting for the Rest of Us:  Sandy's intro talks about how she is not a professional quilter.  She does tell us about her "goofs and mess-ups", but also her successes.  She is game to try almost any technique and will tell us what she has learned about it.

Scientific Quilter:  Darla is no longer podcasting, but her episodes are still available.  Darla's first episodes discussed various scientific topics, and related them to quilting.  You would be surprised how she could make connections!  Later, she just talked about her quilting, and ran "March a Long", when she encouraged us to quilt daily in March.

Sew Stitch Create:  Brye Lynn has also stopped podcasting, but her episodes are still available.  She was a newish quilter, and researched various topics, then talked about what she had learned.  One bonus to this podcast - Brye podcasted while her family was sleeping, so in all but the last couple episodes, she speaks very softly.  If you can't sleep in the middle of the night, her soothing tones will do the trick!  (But listen again when you're awake, because it IS interesting!)

The History Quilter:  Susan has another unique product.  She is a history teacher, and almost every episode includes a discussion of some aspect of quilting in the past.  She also loves to cook, so we hear about some mouth watering meals and currently, her kitchen renovation.

The Off Kilter Quilt:  To be honest, I could listen to Frances read the phone book - her voice is that lovely. But her podcast topics are much more interesting than that.  She was a new quilter when she started her podcast, and we have listened to her learn various techniques.  She uses "Quilt Diaries", where she does an intro, then goes back and plays bits she has recorded through the week.

The Quiltcast:  Amy from Amy's Creative Side and April from The Studio Blog chat about their lives as moms and pattern designers.  They have, so far, talked about their favourite tools and their sources of inspiration.

The Quilted Cupcake:  Jean doesn't podcast anymore, but her episodes are still there.  She specializes in creating wonderful items from thrift store finds.  She also talks about trips she has taken to Amish country and to New York.

The Quilting Pot:  AJ hasn't put out a new episode in awhile - I hope she hasn't given up the microphone!  She has a great voice - very calming.  She tells us about her quilting and her mischevious dogs.  She has gone through a couple moves lately, and has bought a long arm, so she has lots to keep her busy!

Within a Quarter Inch:  Allison was, I believe, the first non-professional quilter to start a podcast.  She did that when her twins were babies, so her quilting news was interspersed with family updates.  We followed her through moves across the country, trips back to Montreal with toddlers, and as she bought lots of fabric an notions.  In the last couple years, she had pursued other ventures, but now she's back!

Edited in April 2014 to add:

Sewing Mom Podcast:  Laura is a mom to six kids and two foster kids and still finds time to sew!  Most of what she has talked about so far is quilting, but she does garment and craft sewing too.  She also talks about her family, other things she is doing, what she has bought lately, her wish list and websites she likes.  She has a nice friendly voice and he podcast is nicely organized.

The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady:  Charlotte is from New Zealand!  It's nice to have a podcast from down under and I love her accent!  She talks about her life and her quilting - she has just started teaching a beginner class and shares her thoughts on that.  She had one episode where she took her microphone to a quilting session with her friends, and chatted with them, which was very interesting.

Whew!  That's all of them! There are also some video podcasts, but I haven't actually tuned into them.  I can't watch them on my iphone and quilt at the same time.

If you do decide to tune in, I'd suggest you follow the podcasters blogs and also follow them on twitter  Many of them have an ongoing conversation through all three platforms.


Linda said...

So nice to have all these links in one place. Thanks so much Colleen.

Heather said...

I haven't listened to any of these pod casts. I don't know why, perhaps I didn't realize that they were there, but I'm sure I did. I do listen to audio books when it is simple sewing. Don't want to risk mistakes and having to un-sew.