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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tree Skirts and Stockings and Whiskers on Kittens

OK, there are no pictures of whiskers on kittens. I admit it - I am a quilter without a cat.

I'm linking up with Heather at Books and Quilts to show you my Christmas Tree skirt.  When I was a child, my mom had a roll of "cottin battin" that we used for a tree skirt.  That's how we pronounced it - cottin battin.  I had no idea that it had any use other than looking like snow under the tree.  We had a little cardboard village, with sparkly walls and waxed paper windows that we set out on the cottin battin each year.  My sister had, when she was about three, poked out all the windows.  So, for ever after that, the houses had no windows.  We also collected various plastic farm animals - of various sizes, so the chicken was as big as the cow, and spread them around the village.  There was also a plastic moose, as I recall.  What a Hallmark scene we created!

It wasn't until I made my first quilt, and opened up the package of batting, that I thought, "This looks an awful lot like the cottin battin that we used to... Doh!"

My tree skirt today is slightly more professional.  Here is the flat view:

And here it is around the tree:

I'm also linking up with Quilting Lines to show you my Christmas Stockings.  There isn't anything special about these - they were one of those panels you buy at Fabricland that has the stocking printed right on.  I just cut them out and sewed the two halved together, then finished the top and added a loop to hang them.  But, Mr. CQT loves them because they are pretty big.

And finally, one more little crafty item - well, six of them:

These little guys are each about 2.5 inches tall.  They are ceramic, and I painted them - back in the pre-bifocal days when I could actually see to do this kind of thing.  Sorry the picture is a little washed out.

To all that celebrate Christmas, have a Merry Christmas!


Scrapatches said...

I love your tree skirt. I need to make one of these. Maybe next year. I did get some Christmas stockings made this year and am enjoying the Christmas Stocking Hangout. Your stockings look cute. Merry Christmas! ... :) Pat

Heather said...

Great tree skirt. Love all the colours in it. Stockings are a fun thing. hubby and I have had ours for many years, but the kids have gone through many. Last year I finally knit them their 'keepers'. They ar nice and stretchy and hold tons of stuff. Even have one for my sister when she is here from Alberta. Can't wait to see her. Filled on of the old ones for my mom and will take that to her Christmas Day. I did make panel ones years ago, they are cute characters and are about 3ft tall. great for those odd gifts such as snow boards, (one on each end). Thanks for joining in and sharing your lovely Christmas tree Skirt.

Quilting Babcia said...

Love your story about your childhood Christmases - sounds familiar! And your tree skirt is gorgeous - I really do need to make one someday! Though after 66 years of using a red and white flannel sheet and other such things, maybe it really doesn't matter. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Nanbon44 said...

very nice Christmas items

Swedish Scrapper said...

What a gorgeous tree skirt! Fabulous colors! And those stockings-- perfect for magazies and books and boxes of chocolate! Beautiful.... Merry Christmas :D

Barb N said...

If I remember right, we used cottin battin for our tree skirt, too! And on the mantle for nativity scenes and such. It made great snow! Thanks for sharing those great santas and I love the tree skirt. I'm definitely going to make one for myself next year.

Needled Mom said...

Who knew there were so many uses for battin??? Your stockings look lovely.