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Thursday, December 06, 2012

Tag, I’m It!

I’ve been tagged by Sam, at Quilting Curve.  Thanks, Sam – I hadn’t seen your blog before and it’s a real treat!


Now on to the tagging.  The rules are:

  • Every tagged person has to tell 11 things about themselves.
  • The person who tagged you asked 11 questions over at their blog, answer these questions in your post.
  • Ask 11 questions of the people you tag (any quilting blogger with under 200 followers).
  • Mention the person who tagged you (but don't for goodness sake tag them back!)


So, 11 things about me.  Hmmmm

1.  I’ve been a lawyer for almost 30 years, but only in private practice for the first 7.  I found it hard to ask for money from people in crisis.

2.  I met my DH in my law office.  He came in to get a Will done.  I asked him if he had ever been married, and he said, “No.  Anyone who married me would have to have a pretty good sense of humour.”  I thought, “I have a pretty good sense of humour.”  We started dating several months after that, and he has kept me laughing ever since.  He has a pretty good sense of humour too.

3.  I threw up on his shoes when I was in labour.  He has never let me forget it.  (And yes, he laughs about it.)

4.  I talk to myself.  Whenever I am alone.

5.  My secret ambition is to write a novel.

6.  I have not started to write a novel.  And yes, I realize that starting is the first step.

7.  I love to bake.  Nothing too fancy; just comfort food.  I think I’m a pretty good cook.

8.  I need to lose some weight.  I wonder if that has anything to do with #7?

9.  I have a 25 year old daughter, who is a teacher, and a 20 year old son, who is a tech whiz and a student.

10. My kids are so much more well adjusted than I was at their ages.  How did that happen? 

11.  I am so much like my Mom – in personality, and appearance.  Whenever we are together, someone says, “Well, I can sure tell that you are mother and daughter.”  I kind of like that, and I think she does too.


And now to answer Sam’s questions:

1.  Did you have an artistic background leading up to quilting?

Gak!  (That was me choking on my laughter.)  No, I have absolutely no artistic talent at all.  I always wanted to be artistic, but it is just not there.  I have always been creative, though – I’ve crafted my whole life.  But, almost always following a pattern.

2.  What would you change about your quilting studio / space?

Make it bigger. (Wouldn’t everyone?)  I am lucky that I have a complete room for my sewing.  My DH put it in when he finished the basement, and it seemed like there was lots of room when I moved my stuff in there.  But, my stash has grown a lot, as has my book / magazine collection and that space is filled up!

3.  If you could describe your quilting style in one word, what would that word be?

Careful.  (I am very slow and methodical, and like to think through each step.  I was going to use the word “precise”, but, to tell the truth, my quilting is not all that precise.)

4. Fess up – how many UFO’s do you have?

Oh gosh, I haven’t counted them for awhile.  If unopened kits don’t count, then I have about 5.  OK, 7.

5.  What inspires you to quilt?

It used to be classes and magazines.  I haven’t taken a class since the LQS near me closed down (5 years ago), and I don’t get as many magazines now.  I’d have to say that these days, the blogging and podcast communities are what inspires me.

6.  What kind of information, quilt wise, have you had trouble finding on the internet?

I looked for a pattern to make a Mariner’s compass quilt and could not find one.  There are lots of Mariner’s compass variations out there, but not the basic pattern.  I ended up buying a book.

7.  What is your favourite organization technique (quilt wise)?

If I have purchased fabric for a particular pattern, I keep that fabric together with the pattern.  The fabric that I purchase “just because” is sorted mostly by colour.

8.  What colour would you like to paint in your quilting studio / space?

Yellow.  (It is currently white.)

9.  If you could visit any country / place, where would you visit?

I’d like to go to London, England.  Well, actually, all over the UK.

10.  What is your favourite meal right now?

Some kind of pasta, with marinara sauce.

11.  Where do you buy your fabric?

If it’s something that I need to finish a project, I will usually go to a quilt store in Calgary.  However, I usually like to visit every quilt shop I come across when we travel, and, of course, I have to buy something in very one, so that is how I have built up my stash.


And now, here are my 11 questions for the people I tag.  (Sheesh!  This is getting to be a lot of work!)

1.  How did you discover quilting?

2.  Have you taken formal quilting classes?  If yes, what did you like about them, and what did you not like?

3.  Has the fact that you blog inspired you to quilt more?  Or has it eaten into the time you have available to quilt?

4.  Tell me the truth – are you just a teeny bit jealous of those bloggers that seem to have a quilt completed every week?  (Or are you one of those quilters, in which case, I’m a whole lot jealous!)

5.  What is your favourite part of quilting – cutting, piecing, quilting the quilt, handwork (applique or binding) or something else?

6.  Is there a quilting technique that you would like to try, but haven’t?  Why not?

7.  Is there something that you like to watch or listen to while you quilt?

8. Do you quilt regularly – or in spurts?

9.  Are you working on a Christmas gift right now?  If so, what?

10.  What are your other hobbies? 

11  What tempts you more – chocolate or chips?


And here are the blogs that I am tagging:

Amy’s Free Motion Quilting Adventures  Lots of tips and some videos.  She shares as she learns free motion quilting (but, really, she’s pretty darn good already!)

Wilma’s Craft Corner  I found Wilma because she was doing the same Block of the Month as me.  She has finished hers – I haven’t.  She has lots of photos of great projects that she has completed.

Capitola Quilter  Karen has a wonderful modern style.  She participates in lots of swaps and bees, and that is always fun to read about.

LIfe is a Stitch  I’ve been following Nancy-Rose’s blog, I think, since she started – and she was an early blogger.  She has a great sense of humour.  And, she has created some beautiful quilts, often out of thrift store scraps.

Books and Quilts  Heather combines crafting (quilting and knitting, mostly) with book reviews.  And the occasional recipe.  It is a very fun mix.

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CapitolaQuilter said...

Thanks for the tag Coleen. It was fun to read more about you and visit the other bloggers you tagged. Happy Quilting