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Friday, September 14, 2012

Why We Quilt

When I ran the Quilters Gallery Blog Hop giveaway, the question I asked was why you quilt.  And the answers I received were amazing!  I had such fun reading through them all, that I thought I'd share some of the best with you today.

Heather said:  It is my creative outlet.  Well, actually it started because it was much better than continuing to take anti-depressants. I also have far too many ufo's but that will give me lots to do without having to go shopping except for backing, binding, batting, borders... (anything else with b?)
I think perhaps you like the shopping part of it too, Heather!

Samantha said:   I quilt for many reasons. Some quilts I make so we have something to cover up with! I believe in making lots of pretty but functional (utility) quilts that get used and used and eventually fall into tatters and can't be used anymore. Stress relief is another big one. The last reason I quilt is because sometimes someone deserves to have time spent making something special just for them. 
Absolutely, Samantha!  Sometimes we get caught up in the idea that our quilts are heirlooms and shouldn't be  damaged.  But aren't they intended to be a symbol of our love for someone? And if they are used to tatters, then we should be happy that the recipient loved the quilt as much as we love them!

Cathy said:   I quilt because I have to. It is my creative outlet. My drawing and painting skills are sadly lacking, but with fabrics as my "paints" and all the various patterns as my "drawing" I can be as creative as I wish, with endless possibilities. Just like no 2 original paintings are the same, no 2 quilts are ever the same.
I feel the same way, Cathy.  You would never call me an artist - I can't draw stick people!  But I do love to be creative, and quilting allows me to create beautiful things.  I feel great when someone asks, "Did you make that?"

Richard said:    We had a baby girl this year and I started quilting to make her a quilt. My wife did not know how to quilt and told me to make my own if I wanted one so that is what I do.
And thank you, Richard, for doing what your wife told you to do.  You're a keeper!
Quiltn Mama said:  I quilt because homicide is frowned upon ;) 
No comment.

Renate said:  Why do I quilt? Hmmm I think it is because I love to fondle ... fabric that is. Nope it's because it brings out the artist in me. Nope, because it has expanded my social circle. Nope it's all of the above. and because I get to meet others on the internet highway that share the same interest, just like you.
Thanks Renate.  I agree with all of those reasons too!

Donna said   Why I quilt? Well let’s see back in March of 2009 I fell off my Concrete Mixer Truck. (that’s right I was concrete mixer driver and loved it and the pay wasn’t shabby at all). However when I took the fall I fell backwards unto asphalt road and put a goose egg on the side of my head the size of a softball, ended up having surgery on my arm, cracked 5 ribs, and the worst part left me with horrible back pain. I’ve worked hard my whole life and found myself in deep depression do not too able to have the life I use to have because of back pain. So in Feb of 2011 so fed up with TV and FB games, I decided I would see if I could quilt to keep from going stir crazy. Now sitting long periods of time makes my back hurt but I just keep trying to keep my mind off my pain. And found out that I could quilt and love every minute of it. Especially when it comes out right…LOL
And this is the reason I quilt!
That is the most unique reason I came across!  I'm glad that quilting is helping you recover, Donna.

Nanbon44 said:   I quilt to bring smiles to a seniors face when they feel forgotten, I quilt to bring laughter to a child who is fighting for their life, I quilt to soothe a new baby when she enters this world, I quilt to bring comfort to a woman as she tries to make sense of the abuse she just escaped from.. I quilt for others as my mother before me did.. I have some big footsteps to fill.
And that about says it all, doesn't it?

Thanks everyone, for your wonderful and inspiring comments.  I'm going to compile all of the answers and put them in a separate tab at the top of the blog - as soon as I figure out how to do that.

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Rosemary said...

Love some of these responses! Some are funny and some are very personal and heartfelt.