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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Layout Ideas for Freebie Fifteen

The instructions for finishing the Freebie Fifteen quilt have the blocks sewn together side by side, along with some extra blocks with those awful template pinwheels in them.  (Awful to make, not to look at.)  Then, there are two rows of 3 inch hourglass blocks at the top and the bottom.  I should have thought to take a picture of the partially finished quilt top in the store, but I didn’t.
I think, though, that these blocks are far to busy to be sewn together side by side.  I’d like to put some sashing between them.
I’ve laid them out on my deck, with some of the deck boards showing through to look like sashing.
freebies laid out 2
The deck boards are a light grey.  I would use a taupe sashing, as I think it will match the grey and sand in the blocks best – but I’m wondering if it should be light, like the boards, or darker, like, say, the darker colour in this block:
What do you think?

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Julierose said...

That's a tough choice, Colleen; I like both ideas--I usually audition strips on my floor or wall--whichever is free-- for a few days and walk by and peek in...that's the only way I can pick a sashing color. The gray is very soft looking but a darker color would make those blocks pop out more, I think. Just my thoughts--good luck--lovely blocks. Julierose