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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Finish-A-Long Time Again

OK, so I didn't do all that well in the first quarter of the Finish-A-Long.  But, I'm persistent, so I'm going to set some new goals, and renew my old one in this next quarter.

First, I still want to finish up my son's quilt:

It's at this stage right now - this is half of it.  I'm going to quilt it in halves, then put them together.  I was procrastinating on this for the longest time, but a couple weeks ago, I came across this book:

Marti Michell has several methods for doing your quilting with less bulk - all of which seem like great ideas.  I had seen her demonstrating one on The Quilt Show, but having the instructions written out, with illustrations, really helped me to understand.  I don't think it will be all that difficult.  (Famous last words!)

Quilts number 2 and 3 are the same pattern, from Judy Martin's Scraps.  They are currently at this stage:
plus a bunch of these:

These two HAVE to be done by June, as the babies are due then.

Visit the Finish-A-Long at Quilter in the Gap.  Thanks Rhonda!


Heather said...

I started quilting a project today. It's the first time using a quilt as you go technique. I'll post photos on Tuesday.

Ivory Spring said...

Your son's blue quilt is spectacular.