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Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Second Half of the Story

So, I mentioned yesterday that I met up with Mary (Outside the Line) to collect my giveaway.  When we were discussing where to meet, she said that she was going to the Calgary Modern Quilt Guild meeting on Thursday, and would I like to meet her there?  That was a serendipitous question!

You see, I had been wanting to join a quilt guild for awhile, but for some reason, guilds in Calgary seem to be very hard to find.  (Try googling Calgary quilt guild - the only one with a webpage is the Modern Quilt Guild.)  There is a group that meets at my community centre - on Wednesday mornings.  That darn "making a living" thing prevents me from attending that group.  I had been thinking about the Modern Quilt Guild, but I wouldn't classify myself as a modern quilter.  I have made a couple modernish projects, and I love looking at them, but I also make traditional quilts.  I just like them all!

But, I took Mary up on her offer, and went with her to the Calgary Modern Quilt Guild meeting.  And met a group of fun, welcoming women.  They didn't give me a test to find out if I fit in their niche.  So, I do believe I will go back.

Thanks Mary!

Now, today, I am off to Ujamaa Grandmas annual Fabric and Yarn sale - and I hope to come home with some fabric bargains!

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Mary-Frances said...

Excellent news Colleen! I hope you'll bring some of your projects for show and tell at our next meeting! :-)