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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sew Sunday / March A Long Report

I had plans for my week off.  Oh, I had big plans.  Now, it's the last day of said week, and I did not accomplish anywhere near what I wanted to accomplish.

I listen to Pam's "Hip to Be a Square" Podcast regularly, and follow her blog.  Take a look at her blog sometime.  That woman is amazingly fast when it comes to completing quilts.  Suffice it to say, she completed more this week than I did - and she was working full time, whereas I was off!

But, I'm not complaining, really I'm not.  I enjoy taking my time, and enjoying the process.  It's not a race.

So, here is my weekly March A Long progress report.

I thought I had finished up the hourglass units.  Then, I put them in rows, and found out (surprise!) that 208 units don't make a good rectangle.  Turns out I needed 32 more.

Made 32 more hourglass units.

Sewed the hourglass units together.  Here they all are.

I put them together totally randomly.  That was a bit of a gamble for me - usually, I plan out the placeement of even my scrappiest quilts.  But this is going on the back, so I went for it.  The lights and darks aren't evenly distributed, but it doesn't look bad.  This piece is about 80 inches by 30 inches - the size of a small quilt all by itself!

Sewed the rest of the backing together and sandwiched it.

I always have to procrastinate at this point, because I usually have no idea how I am going to quilt the quilt, and I'm terrified of mucking it up.  So, Friday was the day I did inventory of my sewing room.

Still procrastinating - I did the March Craftsy BOM Block.

This one is pretty busy!  It was fun to make, and Laura Nownes gave a really good lesson on drafting HST's and QST's in the video part of the lesson.

And, I finally started quilting the Sand and Sea Glass quilt!  Yay!

That's my report, Scientific Quilter, Sir!  And I'm linking up with Darla, the Scientific Quilter for March A Long.

And now, for Sew Sunday.  I've got my housework and grocery shopping done, so I can spend a couple hours in the sewing room.  And, now that I've made the big leap to start quilting Sand and Sea Glass, it should be much easier to continue.  So, that is my plan for this afternoon.

And I'm linking up with Mary at Fairly Merry and Sew Sunday.

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Mary Menzer said...

I think you accomplished a lot!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

OMG!! All those pinwheels for a backing!! You are amazing...I usually just slap on a big chunk of my least favorite fabric!