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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fairview or Bust!

This past week, we moved my DD to Fairview, Alberta.  She will be teaching there this coming year.  This is her second teaching post - the first was in a fly-in community in northern Saskatchewan.  She was there for 2 years.  I'm glad that she is moving closer, although it's not much closer!  It is an 8 hour drive north from Calgary.

But what a beautiful drive!  We couldn't have asked for better weather - sunny and warm the entire time.  The farmers are starting to swath their crops, and my DH delighted in seeing the great crops that seem to be out there this year.

A highlight for me was going through Dunvegan on the Peace River.  I have never been through that area before.  I didn't get a good picture of the river valley (which is gorgeous), but here is the Dunvegan Bridge.

Dunvegan is not a town any more - there is a park and a restored historical area.  It used to be a mission along the Peace River (which was used for transport in the early days).  Here is the mission church.

Apparently, after the mission closed, the church was used for various purposes, including to store grain and as a tire store!  It has now been restored, along with the rectory behind it.

Anyway, we got DD settled and checked out the town a bit.  It seems like a very nice town, even though I didn't find a quilt shop there!

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