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Friday, July 06, 2012

Great Giveaway at Pins and Bobbins!

Chelsea, over at Pins and Bobbins is having a wonderfully generous giveaway!

Her giveaway is that she will quilt your quilt for you!  Wow! The details are on her blog.  She lives in Canada, and while she doesn't say, I expect that you would have to pay the shipping costs.  I would be happy to!

What would I like her to quilt?  Right away, I thought of this quilt top.

I made this in a Saturday Sampler a couple years ago.  It isn't 100% complete - there are scrappy borders that go on what looks like the top and bottom here - to match the sides.  Again, I was hoping to do a quilt as you go technique and attach those two borders later.  But, if Chelsea picks me, I have have those borders on lickety split!  The quilt will finish up queen size.

I do have ideas for the centre and for the borders.  The centre would be the usual applique treatment, stitching around the applique, then meandering through the neutrals.  In the scrappy border, I wanted to do some quilting that was similar to the applique flowers.  But then, I'm stuck.  What to do with all of those pieced blocks is beyond me.  And the sashing too - who knows??  So, maybe Chelsea will have a good idea.

Thanks, Chelsea, for running this amazing giveaway!

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