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Friday, January 13, 2012

How's that Finish-A-Long Coming Colleen?

I've been very jealous of the people who have already finished some (or all) of the projects on their Finish-A-Longs.  I thought I had better report on my progress.

As you may recall, when I first posted, on New Years Day, I had finished all 64 blocks.

Here is what has happened since.

Jan 2:  Cleaned house.  Squared up some of the blocks.  Thought about going back to work Jan 3.
Jan 3:  Went to work.  You know how it is the first day back after some time off - it seems like that first day back will never end.  I was tired after work, so did not even visit sewing room.
Jan 4:  Worked.  Squared up some more blocks.
Jan 5:  Worked.  Realized that my Freebie Fifteen block was due soon, and decided to get started on that.
Jan 6:  Worked.  Did some more work on that FF block.  (Well, it did have a LOT of pieces).
Jan 7:  Finally finished the FF block.  See, it took me 3 days to do one block.  I am a very slow quilter!  Actually looked at the calendar for the first time and realized that the fifteenth of the month was a week away, so there was no rush to get this block done.
Jan 8:  Read the paper.  Went grocery shopping.  Had a nap.  Made supper.  Oh, and I managed to square up the remaining blocks.

Jan 9:  Worked.  Got distracted by the Freebie Fifteen companion block.  I know I don't have to complete this one by the fifteenth, but what the hey.
Jan 10:  Had a real excuse for not quilting today.  Did some volunteer work after my regular work day, and got home just a half hour before bedtime.
Jan 11:  That FF companion block is really challenging!
Jan 12:  Still challenging.
Jan 13:  Have been blog surfing since supper.  I'll finish up the FF companion block tonight.

And there you have it.  Two weeks and I haven't even sewn two of the blocks together!  Just in case anyone wondered why I only had one item on my Finish-A-Long list for this quarter...

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